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b. 1962, works and lives in Shanghai

Re-appearance of Crosses - An Interpretation of Ding Yi’s Paintings, Ji Shaofeng, 2016
Reading Ding Yi in the Art Historiographical Context , Tian S. Liang, 2015
The Reception of Ding Yi and the Framework of Chinese Art History, Shane McCausland, 2015
A Conversation between Shane McCausland and Ding Yi, 2015
Ding Yi’s “Appearance of Crosses”: From Spiritual Enlightenment to Conceptual Reflection, 鲍栋, 2013
Repetitious Craze, Wang Min'an, 2011
Seeing, rather than perception - Ding Yi's paintings in the context of European ways of looking at art, Thibaut Verhoeven, 2011
The Ding Yi Grid, Demetrio Paparoni, 2011
The "Cross" of Ding Yi - Anchoring and Wandering in Painting, 2011
Ding Yi and the Impossibility of Abstraction, Tony Godfrey, 2011
X Marks the Spot, Liu Xiaolin, 2010
An Excessive Minimalist, Hou Hanru, 2010
Deconstructing the Abstract , Ding Yi, 2008
The Magician of Crosses, Cao Weijun, 2007
Foreword - solo exhibition in Ikon gallery, U.K., Jonathan Watkins, 2005
Ding Yi , Li Xu, 2004
"Shishi" As a Mark Organization, Wu Liang, 2004
A Series of Paintings shown in Crosses, Bo Xiaobo, 2004
J'ai été, tout d'abord, Franck SERRANO, 2004
Ding Yi, Hou Hanru, 2002
Shanghai's 'Advance' into Allover, Roy Forward, 2002
Modern art in Shanghai during the 1990s, Xia Wei, 1999
Ding Yi, Huang Du, 1998
15 X RED by DING YI , 1996
On The New Crosses of '15 X Red' , Daniel Baillon, 1996
Simplicity, Complexity, Synthesis - Ding Yi's painting process., Monica Dematte, 1994
A Dialogue of Cultural Significance, 1992
A Ding Yi Interview by Mathieu Borysevicz, Mathieu Borysevicz, 2013
A Conversation with Ding Yi , Paul Gladston, 2012
Interview with Ding Yi, Cao Weijun, 2007
Resembling the World Outside - Interview with Ding Yi , Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2005
Ding Yi - LONG MUSEUM WEST BUND, SHANGHAI, CHINA, Colin Siyuan Chinnery, 2015
What’s Left to Appear: Ding Yi and Immersive Spectatorship , Shane McCausland, 2015
Scoring with crosses - The Straits Times, Feb 28, 2015, Lee Jian Xuan, 2015
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