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Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing: Follow! Follow! Follow!
Solo Exhibition ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
Date: Sep-06, 2011 - Oct-13, 2011

Artists: JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing

Duration: Sep. 6 - Oct. 13, 2011
Time: 10AM-6PM
Venue: ShanghART Gallery , 50 Moganshan Rd., Bldg 16 Shanghai, China
Artists: Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing

The exhibition Follow! Follow! Follow! with Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing’s recent works will be showed to public in ShanghART gallery from Sep. 6 to Oct. 13, 2011. It is problem consciousness that makes Ji and Zhu’s installation to be teeming with experimental spirit. It is also what makes cloth the best option for them to make a breakthrough. Soft and gentle as it is, cloth can be used to cushion sharpness and hardness, it possesses more possibilities, also in this exhibition:

It is almost a mode of development. Individuals need to seek the feeling of security and belonging in groups, thus individuals follow the groups and listen to their opinions. Among the grand narrative, the individual self has become insignificant, and groups become more powerful and invincible. They climb up and down the mountain, move like a great flood.

The universality and everydayness of the scenes are important features of Ji Wenyu and Zhu Weibing’s work. In their work, everyday scenes such as photo taking, meeting, sightseeing, and watching television are considered as cases with special meaning, an ironic metaphor to daily reality. Ji Wenyu and Zhu Weibing’s installation work epitomizes the development of modern philosophies and cultures. It showcases the confusion and excitement, obsession and inspiration, progress and recession of people and their history.

Press Release:
Follow! Follow! Follow!

Sep. 6-- Moganshan Rd Opening

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