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Michael Dean on the Word "Sculpture"

Author: Michael Dean 2017

It’s this word ‘sculpture’ that keeps coming back, and I don’t know if it’s just a useful hashtag these days, to place things. But my relationship, I mean I’ve got no idea how I ended up being called a sculptor, let alone making these things. It just started off as an impulse that I wanted to write. How do I get my writing into other people’s hands and have it function appropriately in a way? This sense of when you’ve had an experience and the politics involved in that. There was something that failed when I tried to write and share that in a conventional writing form, maybe because it fell into some type of hermeneutic pursuit in relation to literature and all these things. But when I turned that writing, that sense of when you turn writing into an object and you have people standing in front of something that is irrefutably there, there’s a sense that as soon as people can touch that, that my presence as an author kind of evaporates, and it becomes more about placing the people in front of the work as opposed to the work in front of the people somehow. So, I guess the word sculpture, or nothing is sculpture, but in terms of a kind of sharing, it seems to be trying to strike something in equality between you and the viewer, and nothing does that better than a mass, hulking, object that can’t be denied.

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