Tap Water Factory
Installation 1987


Forms and Certificates
Exhibited at Huangshan Conference on Art, 1988

The Huangshan Conference on Art was called to discuss the 1989 China/Avant-garde exhibition. The work is based on information and forms sent out by the organization committee to prospective participants in the conference. The artist's own forms were sent out to the same participants (artists). Thirty-two replies were received and exhibited at the conference with each respondent receiving a certificate.





Building No.5
Installation  1990

The site is a two story office building that was to be demolished within the following month. It had three possible points of entry. Both the first and second floors had a corridor 40 meters in length with a stairwell at each end. On the 28th September 1990, 380 individual shoes all painted yellow, were placed a pace apart, pointing in the same direction, completing an entire round of the corridors and stairs.


mixed media, printed books and bookshelf


mixed media, printed books


A Four Step Procedure: Let the people off first
mixed meida, photocopies on wooden panel


Two Five-step procedures: Overcoat and sweater
mixed media, photocopies on wooden panel


An Eight-step procedure
mixed media, photocopies on wooden panel


Marriage Law
performance, marriage law book

On the 20th October 1992, in a classroom in Moganshan school, Hangzhou, twenty people took part in the final part of "Marriage Law". In the space of two hours, they were required to fill in blanks concerning: marriage registration; specific opinions relating to divorce and how to determine if a married couple's feelings for each other no longer exist, as decreed by the people's supreme court in the marriage Law of the People's Republic of China; the one child policy; and six other secitons. Following this there was a discussion about marriage and the family.


Part of the series: Eternal rays of the sun
Oil on canvas 1992-1993


Clap Hands
silk screen print


Soft Stairway
White silk installation
Spoleto, Italy


Proof of Existence

Concept: the confirmation of the existence of a man.

I choose an ordinary man and set about trying to confirm his existence by securing written descriptions and certificates provided by his parents, relatives, friends, work colleagues and school friends.

The materials for exhibition comprise the written documents, certificates and photographs.



Who is He?

The inspiration for the work: One day, when I came home, my neighbors told me that in the afternoon someone had come to see me. No matter how they each tried to describe this person, I couldn't work out who it was. This feeling troubled me, so I decided I had to find out exactly who it was.

The means to discover this: I asked each of the neighbors who had seen this person to write down their description of him and to draw a likeness of him, I then took photographs of each of the places where these people said they had encountered this unknown person.

The materials for exhibition comprise the written descriptions, the drawings and the accompanying photographs.



The Negative Needs of Reality

This work was done during an artists' residency in upstate New York at Art/OMI. This was an artistic exchange between twenty-six artists from all over the world during three weeks in the summer of 1995. My work was the result of collecting those materials that each of the artists threw away during the process of creating their own work. The materials for exhibition comprise twenty-six garbage bags filled with the waste materials, and twenty-six photographs of the completed works, placed on the wall above the bags.


Light Distance Away

This work was created for an exhibition in Australia. This piece was sent there by mail and thus based on the changes time-from it being created in Beijing to arriving in Australia-that take place on light sensitive paper. Upon arrival, the work changed further everyday from the moment the organizer opened the package through to the exhibition.

The materials for exhibition comprise four pieces of light sensitive paper.

The Other Side 


A complete World 

In a space four sets of televisions are placed on four sides of the wall in different position.
There are four different fragmental views on the screens. A fly enters into different views about one to three minutes at 
different time. Meanwhile there is no sound when the fly is on the screen.
The buzz will appear for forty seconds only after the fly leaves.



The Direction of the Vision 

This work is the record of the process of the extinction of vision.
The vision appears on the monitor screen every 30 seconds and moves on three screens separately.
Each time the vision stays on the screen about two minutes. During the absence of the image there s the sound of the struggling wings.



This Man 

I have a friend aged 33 whose only ability lays in writing. One day he told me he was no longer able to trust himself or manage his life anymore. He had lost his only ability. In order to help him for the future, unbeknownst to him,
I took his photograph and went to find one of the fortune tellers that are found in the streets of Hangzhou
to ask him for help.
The material for exhibition comprises the photograph of this man and the fortune teller, and a written conclusion of the fortune teller analysis



The Floor
25 photos
25 addresses