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These years, I've been thinking of creating a nice and multifunctional container for art communication. It's required for the container that it not only has special art character but also can meet the desire of the art consumers, at same time, it can be showed easily from place to pace and can be easily carried.      Finally, I got the idea to make the subject by mean of the handcart and the transparent suitcase. Is this idea very cool? But it's not an easy thing to decide what to be put in the suitcase. Because the art is for the people, the judgement can't be made by the artist himself only, it should be considered what the audience want to see.                                       For these reasons and for better communication, I earnestly espect the good suggestions from the audience. There is a saying in China: Where there are three men walking together, one of them is bound to be able to teach me something. Content of the "New Image" Art Suitcase:
bag2.jpg (17487 ֽ) background
sources of image
model of new image
demonstration of new image
back.gif (5941 ֽ) questions & suggestions souvenir of new image
comments regarding the new image
name card of the new image