Wang Xingwei: Fostered Art

November 25- December 10, 2003

About The Exhibition “Fostered Art” (Adoption)

1. I signed an agreement with two artists. It states that the two artists agreed to transfer all the rights of their works to me, (the right of signature, exhibition, publishing and sale). These works are twenty abstract paintings from one artist and one sculptural object from another artist (the transfer of rights of the object lasts only 10 years). All the works covered in the Adoption contract will be signed, exhibited, published and sold bearing the name of “Wang Xingwei”.

2. The key point of this act is to use “contracts” instead of “concepts”.

3. I don’t think that these original works are bad, and that they will become better after the “adoption”. The aim is to transfer the works, not to promote them.

4. It is not my only purpose to make these works become “conceptual art”. Such classification doesn’t deserve show-off. My idea would be that these works, or such a transfer of rights, can help me expand my experience and change myself in a certain degree.

5. I regard this exhibition as an “adoption ceremony”. Every visitor is a witness of the adoption.

Wang Xingwei, Nov. 2003


1. 我同两位艺术家各签定了一份协约, 大意是他们同意将其作品(分别是二十幅抽象画和一件现成品组合)的签署, 展览, 出版, 出售等权利一次性转让给我(其中现成品组合的期限为十年),并且不得反悔。既这些作品在期限范围内将以王兴伟作品得名义签署,展览, 出版,出售等等。


3.我不认为这些抽象画有什么不好,“过继”成我的作品也不变得更好。它们只是被转换, 而不是被提升。






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