Yang Mian's 2003 Beauty Standard    

25th June to July 1st, 2004 , Atrium, Xintiandi 
Opening: June 27, 2004
15:30-17:30 Cocktail Party, Atrium, Xintiandi 






一、 韩国明星在影视剧的帮助下,大举进入中国的产品形象代言人的领域,产品形象代 言人成为韩国人的天下。

二、 2003年是选美年,不仅仅有世姐,中华小姐。。。中国举办了不计其数的选美比赛 和美女节,在今年美女军团显得比任何时候都重要。

三、 在今年年末,人造美女成为热点,只要你有胆子有足够的钱,没有什么能阻挡你的 美丽之路。


In my opinion, there were three subjects for the domain of beauty in 2003 of China:

1. With the predominance of Korean movies in China, the Korean movie stars took participation to be the advertising prolocutor of products which is made-in-China. It was the stage for Korean Stars Advertisement.

2. In 2003, was the year of Beauty Competition, not only for Miss World, but also for Miss China……It was held various of Beauty Competition and Beauty Festival. Meanwhile, the beauties turned into more important than anytime.

3. At the end of 2003, Man-made Beauty was the focus in our ken absolutely. If only you have adequate money and sufficient courage, you can be the beauty as you expected without any encumbrances.

The young trendy went with the tide of Korea-Fashion, Japan-Fashion in last years, or would be Thailand-Fashion for next year…….But when is the real fashion for themselves? Would it be after Vietnam-Fashion?







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