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b. 1990, works and lives in Hangzhou
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Morning and Dusk, and No More
single-channel animation
26 minutes
Edition of 6

Current And Upcoming Exhibitions:
Great Flux, 1979 Gallery, Shenzhen, 03.22, 2024 - 06.23, 2024
ICHIHARA x ART x CONNECTIONS Crossing of Worlds and Me, Ichihara Lakeside Museum,Ichihara,Japan, 03.23, 2024 - 06.23, 2024
On the Road, Nomination Exhibition of Young Chinese Artists & Seminar of Young Critics, Guan Shanyue Art Museum,Shenzhen, 03.28, 2024 - 04.28, 2024
Egress of the Spirit, OX Warehouse, Macao, 03.28, 2024 - 04.28, 2024


Liu Yi was born in 1990 in Ningbo, China. She obtained her Master's degree from the China Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. Currently, she resides in Hangzhou. Her primary research focus is on "Early Chinese art films and experimental animation." She utilizes various mediums such as animation, multimedia, and space installation to reflect her daily experiences and explore the potential of her works. Through her eclectic creations, audiences are able to delve into a distinct parallel world.

Her video works include such as "Morning and Dusk, “No More," "Burning," "When I Fall Asleep,My Dream Comes","Origin of Species," "Chaos Theory," "A Travel Inward," "Into The Void," "A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day," and "The Earthly Men." Additionally, her collaborative stage works such as "Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night" and "Idyllic Lives." Liu Yi's video works and installations have been exhibited in renowned museums and institutions worldwide, including the Animist Tallinn Festival Exhibition, Jing'an International Sculpture Project, Cyprus Museum, New Chitose Airport, Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile, Power Station of Art, Times Art Museum Beijing, Hanshan Art Museum Suzhou, and Seoul Museum of Art.

In 2017, her work "A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day" was selected for the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) and later received the "Special Recommendation" award at the Hua International Short Film Festival. In 2018, Liu Yi was invited to participate in the SeMa Nanji Residency Project at the Seoul Museum of Art. The following year, she was invited to The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud in Anjou as an artist in residence and served as a jury member for the Cyprus Animation Film Festival. She also completed an exhibition during her residency program in Cyprus. Her works have been collected by esteemed institutions such as the White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, the East Asia Library of Stanford University, and the M+ Collection.

Some of her latest exhibitions include :"Transition" at ShanghART M50,Shanghai (2023);"Hedgehog Confusion" at Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou (2022); "Play and Loop IV" at Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong (2022); "Among the Crows" at aA29 Project Room, Milan (2021); "Death Ray on the Coral Island, Science Fiction and Its Archeology" at the Power Station of Art, Shanghai (2021); "One Tree Fifty Ideas" at 398 TianMuShan Road, Hangzhou (2020); "Shanghai Express" at Galerie Hussenot, Paris, France (2019); "Thrown into the Wind" at ShanghART M50, Shanghai (2018); "Fisherman's Song-Cloud" at Times Art Museum, Beijing (2017); "Imagenation Factory, Discover Another Possibility of Life" at Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou (2017); "Ballade – Animamix Contemporary Art" at the Macao Museum of Art, Macao (2017); "A Travel Inward - Liu Yi Solo Project" at MoCa Pavilion, Shanghai (2017); "Flowing Feast" at ShanghART Singapore, Singapore; and "Space In Mind - Animamix Biennale" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (2016). She has also participated in the 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale (2016), the 8th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen (2013), the 10th China Independent Film Festival in Xiamen (2013), the "Limited Knowledge" exhibition at Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CMC Gallery (2013), and the 9th China Independent Film Festival in Nanjing (2012).


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