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Behind Masks: Zeng Fanzhi

Publisher: Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Publish Date: 1995
Page Num: 44
Languages: Chinese English
This is a catalogue of Zeng Fanzhi’s Behind Masks series. As remarked by the contributors, the paintings in this series show a strong departure from the masochistic quality, the disturbing palette and the bold brushwork from the earlier period. Now, there is a sense of detachment and rationalism, expressed through a restrained technique and the presence of masks. The latter reveals a sense of isolation and distance in human relationships. This effect is further accentuated by the flat background, the unexplainable shadows and the traces of light coming from nowhere, which as a result, eradicate the audience’s feeling of familiar reality. Zeng has once declared, ‘I only want to paint what appears in the depths of my soul.’ In this series of paintings, one finds Zeng’s new means in expressing his sense of life. At the same time, it marks a new stage in his artistic development. Biographical information of the artist is included.
Series: 000974
Code: J121.2-AC
Location: WB-VIP ROOM
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