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Project KEE Club, 796 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai
Date: 09.05, 2016 - 09.06, 2016

Artists: ZHANG Ding 张鼎 | 

Both Taoist and Physicians analogize eyes as Silversea. The idea of Invisible came from Travels of Xu Xiake: Two Diaries about Traveling in Huangshanas ‘overlooking those peaks, some peep out as verdurous spires, some sink down into a silver sea’. Artist Zhang Ding refers to the enchanting unusual natural phenomena in constructing a silver-colored mirror surface installation inside the Richemont Double Villa Garden, where the oriental philosophy fuses with the occidental civilization and form as the garden’s featured symbol. Together with musician Noise Temple, independent dancers Duan Jingting &Zheng Jie & Qian Tingting are invited to collaborate a joint experimental improvisation. The dazzling glitz and glamour, the hazy dance figures, and the metallic clang of the drumbeat will go back and forth amidst the high and low scattered mirrors, then along with the reflected views and the audience, disappearing into the vast and obscure dazzling shadows.

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