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Arts after 100 years? , “From 2116: The New World”Screening & Discussion
Event ShanghART Library, Shanghai
Date: 03.25, 2017

On March 25th, ShanghART Archive gladly invite the leading artists of the work “From 2116: The New World” which was performed on the opening of Inaugural Shanghai Project. They will also screen art documentary of the performance and discuss how to create contemporary art works breaking the isolations among different art circles.

活动时间 Time:15:00-17:00, 3月25日,周六 Sat. Mar. 25th
活动地点 Location:香格纳图书馆, 徐汇区西岸龙腾大道2555号10号楼1楼
ShanghART Archive, Floor 1, West Bund, Bldg.10, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District
语言 Language:中英文 Chinese/English
活动安排 Plan:
15:00-15:30  "From 2116: The New World" 影片首映 Screening
15:30-16:30 嘉宾讨论: 100年后的艺术? Discussion: Arts after 100 years?
16:30-17:00 Q&A
入场 Admission: 无需预约,免费入场 No Registration, free for entrance

“From 2116: The New World” is a work about 2116 -- a far future 100 years away from now. In the work, the future means an aggregation of different objects such as technology, environment, and resource, and of various subjects about human nature such as thoughts, believe, and ideology. This enormous theme is interpreted by the fusion of a variety of art forms such as contemporary dance, contemporary piano, architecture and video arts. This work was premiered on September 4th, 2016 at the opening ceremony of the First Chapter of the inaugural Shanghai Project.


林军勇 Jiun Lim – 钢琴家 Pianist
Jiun Lim (Malaysia) is recognized as one of the most sought-after pianists in the world of contemporary music.  For the past few years, Lim has been busy introducing and premiering the works of young Asian composers. Described by BBC Radio as “A Marvelous Ambassador for 20th Century Music,” Jiun began his musical studies in Malaysia and later graduated from the Royal Academy of Musicin London. He also earned PHD in Musicology in Sydney University. He has won prizes at many international competitions, has performed in more than 30 countries and has been broadcasted on over 40 radio stations around the world.

安娜利丝•查莱克 Anneliese Charek– 舞蹈编导/舞蹈教育家 Choreographer / Dance Educator
Anneliese Charek is a dancer, choreographerand dance educator. She earned BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts and then worked with the Li Chiao-Ping dance company in US as a dancer. After leaving US in 2009, she began working with local dancers in the Czech Republic and teaching ballet to young learners in Thailand. In 2014, she founded SLATE contemporary dance company in Shanghai, and in 2013, she co-founded the Basement 6 Collective (Shanghai).

马海平 Ma Haiping – 独立音乐人/剧场艺术家 Independent Musician / Theater Artist
Known as the “Son of Shanghai Techno”, Ma Haiping was awarded Annual Electronic Musician at 4th, 5th, and 6th Abilu Music Awards. In 2012, he released album “The Chinese Connections” on the label Cratesavers International based in Detroit US, making him the first Chinese to release album at the birth place oftechno music. For theater arts, he directed multi-media experimental drama Folding City which was adapted from famous science fictional novel Folding Beijing.

刘畅 Reggie Liu – 制作人/导演 Producer/Director
Reggie Liu (Liu Chang) is a multi-disciplinary producer and director with professional experiences spanning Shanghai Project, Himalayas Museum, Today Art Museum, Beijing Dance Festival, Beijing Playhouse, and film production "Into The Rainbow". He is also a Classical Guitar musician, photographer, actor and book translator. He founded non-profit art creation platform XCreation in 2017.

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