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Archive Talk: On Some Practices of Art
Event ShanghART Library, Shanghai
Date: 05.13, 2017

Functioning as a library, a bookstore, and research centre, the ShanghART Archive makes available a vast quantity of documentary evidence from an explosive period in the development of Chinese contemporary culture. “Archive Talk” series will invite researchers to share their thoughts based on these archives. This Saturday we gladly have Liu Tian to talk about Geng Jianyi and his creation practice based on the early important works from archive room of ShanghART.

Since 80s,  Geng Jianyi and his creation practice is always like "Special Case": Maverick, calm, clear and relaxed, doubts, ambiguous but resolute.

All sorts of difficult to digest the form of work, but together to constitute a kind of not "style" and generalization of the unification. This unique quality self-sufficiency, with the external trend--that is, leading and even pioneering--seems to be able to maintain enough indifferent irrelevant.

Most of Geng Jianyi's practices, attitudes and views are the rare material of how we think the "Art" of this era, about the non-professionalization of the artist, about the insisting of observation and hestitation, about analysis of common sense of the surroundings, about Ignoring and abandoning industry programs, about the admission of curiosity and surprise, about the communication of  mystery and potential, about attention to invisible and superfluous parts....

主题 Topic:关于艺术的一些做法  About Some Practices of Art
研究员  Researcher
刘畑 LIU Tian
讲座时间 Time
15:00-16:30  5月13日,周六,Sat. May. 13th
活动地点 Location
香格纳图书馆, 徐汇区西岸龙腾大道2555号10号楼1楼
ShanghART Archive, Floor 1, West Bund, Bldg.10, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District
语言 Language
中文 Chinese

About Researcher

LIU Tian researches into topics related to artistic creation,curating, writing, design and visual culture. He participated in the editing and interview of book"GUAN YU-Gengjian" for three years.

Recently, he has curated exhibitions that include 'Anyball','Lyrical and Epic' (2017); the 11th Shanghai Biennale 'Why Not AskAgain?'(member of curatorial collegiate), 'Theory Opera' (Mise-en-Scène)(2016);

He established Open Matter Institute in 2010, a con-temporaryorganization for different subjects on generalizedresearch-creation-curation-design work. He is a Ph.D candidate from the Instituteof Contemporary Art and Social Thoughts, School of Inter-Media Art, ChinaAcademy of Art, Hangzhou, China. His current research focus is on'Media-Reality'. Projects in progress include 'Almost Anti-Matter Material', '达-da Manifesto', etc.

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