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Bound Volumes of Self-Selection , Vol.2: Side Profiled Nihility
Group Exhibition Chen Center for Contemporary Art 798, Beijing
Date: 07.01, 2017 - 08.12, 2017

Artists: CHEN Xiaoyun 陈晓云 |  LU Lei 陆垒 |  ZHAO Yang 赵洋 | 

《Bound Volumes of Self-Selection》is elaborated by a language structure of flash-back, for the part Vol.1 | Unaccounted Utopia presented at Cheng Project(@ China World Mall) is more like an outcome or an answer of the exhibition, whereas another part Vol.2 | Side Profiled Nihility showed at CCCA (@ 798) turns to be a question posed according to the result. As the two parts forward in parallel, the relationship between them stays closely connected, questioned and happened. The exhibition starts from the self-confusion of selecting and being selected, falling into the openness of identity among gallery, curator and artists, and into a qualified logical contradiction. The forms are worthy of the wait, as those curators selected by principal curator use the identity of a curator comprehending the fact of also being an artist. On the contrary, the motivations worth more doubt. As being displayed, the advantage of overlap identity transforms to the distribution value of power and the statement of independent thinking. The dilemma if the exhibition belongs to the curator or the artists, is motivated and meaningful to be discussed.

But back to the power, when the principal curator quits the authority and passes it to other artists, after being received power to be planners, they make use of the power to carry out their shows. Although the dual power is fully applied, this concentrated power seem as a choice made by an inactive chooser. Hence the power still belongs to the initiator who chose artists to be their own curator. The logic which looks like a childish game, continuously being updated as the era marches on. is merely a way to transform the past ideology to a new one. It becomes only a smoke screen for the sake of more freedom within the art ontology in reality. The rule maker always monopolizes the power, leaving either conformist or revolutionary in the dust.
What do we choose? What chooses us?

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