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Echo , Lu Lei Individual Project
Project NUO Hotel, Beijing
Date: 06.21, 2017 - 08.31, 2017

Artists: LU Lei 陆垒 | 

ShanghART is pleased to present Lu Lei’s Solo Project at NUO Hotel on 21th June, 2017.This project would present his recent works “The Night” and “Pretending Egomania”. Lu Lei’ s works have a sense of allegory and classical mystery.

In “The Night”, two clothes hangers seem like the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ in international chess and the upside-down bats are composed of this work. ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ sculptures are made by a hundred years beam, which are placed on a 30cm height base in golden spiral. The audience could feel the sense of swirling from it. 25 bats in 9 different forms hang upside-down around ‘King’ and ‘Queen’. The bats are made of casting aluminium and each mouth of them are exaggerated to the horn, which seems intermittently transmit the signal. ‘King’, ‘Queen’ and the sleeping bats interact with each other, creating absurd but tranquil scene.

In “Pretending Egomania”, ‘Pig’, ‘Dog’, ‘Mouse’, ‘Bear’ and ‘Donkey’, these five animals, who are not the aesthetic symbol in sculpture, are deprived their five senses only left the listening (ear), and stand on the base in cast aluminum sewage. They seem as the proud sculptures stand on the square. The deprived five senses are replaced by the Trumpet - shaped mask, from which the continuously flashing Morse code is transmitted and secretly passed to the outside world: no memory, no smell, no conscious, no sights and no words, separately. These five animals are eroded so as to lose their colors, playing as the arrogant and decadent contradiction and expressing the silent conflict against the square.

By displaying them in a public space instead of a museum, the works are given new visual dimension and meaning for this time.

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