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Group Exhibition Various Places, Shanghai
Date: 01.21, 2007

Artists: SONG Tao 宋涛 |  XIANG Liqing 向利庆 | 

Starting from Friday, January 19th, 2007
Artists participating: Alterazioni Video, Huang Kui, Du Lizhi, Gao Mingyan,
Li Pinghu, Jin Shan, Song Tao, Xiang Liqing,, Zhang Qing
Curator: Biljana Ciric

Routine life has been in constant flux along with the changing of architecture and communal space in
Shanghai. The ever-improving urban ecology has become a point of friction between the human race and
mechanisms in prospering cities like Shanghai. Stereotypical urban survival types and the imitation of
such lifestyles are of notable concern in Shanghai.
Chinese society, especially in cities like Shanghai, has been intoxicated by the American way of life
and habit of excessive energy consumption due to the economic prosperity of recent years and general
historical tendencies. Urban structure has become a component of productivity, and city infrastructure
has become a part of capital. Through this process, time is repressed by space. Space is not a result
of nature, but is created by the human race. It is the product of different political interest groups.
Space has become the tool of production, political interest and consumption. It is both a method and an
aim in urban cities. Natural space has already disappeared in cities.
Space can be functioning as both governor and administrator to personal life. In fact, the designing
and planning of city space is in effect a type of governmental control over the people. The physical
body and the private soul are protected by human rights while simultaneously being under the control of
government. This right has controlled personal behavior and thoughts in separate corners of society. The
individual ends up as a vegetable of cities.
We have separate artists carrying out intervention activities all over the city for one day. The theme
of the exhibition is the controlling of city system on personal routine life and soul. Intervention of

the system is a means we have picked. It aims to raise the issue of personal existence and the
consciousness we have lost. Is there any meaning of the existence of the lost, do we have any
requirement of moral, order or emotion in this system? And when factors in these systems have shifting
into social administration, how much space is left to private life for free thoughts?
The goal of the interventions is to break the daily routine of personal life at least for the moment and
let them think of something else that they might forgotten or lost on their way to battle for survival.
Maybe these used to be human nature, but they have turned into something else in this administration
Intervention here could be understood as a moment of reconsidering life values and getting away from the
track of being controlled and manipulated.
For more information pls contact Biljana Ciric


宋涛 song tao ─────────────── 6
李平虎 li pinghu ─────────────── 7
杜立志 du lizi ─────────────── 8
黄奎 huang kui ─────────────── 9
高铭研 gao mingyan─────────────── 10
章清 zhang qing ─────────────── 11
靳山 jin shan ─────────────── 12
向利庆 xiang liqin─────────────── 13
alterazioni video ─────────────── 14

"Is it haze in the morning,

afternoon sunshine or
winter rain late at night"

"this is my gift to the
city,for the ones next
around me, the ones who
are willing to stare b
lankly and be absent

song tao

宋涛 Song Tao
地点:中潭路76路车站 address:Zhong Tan Road stop of 76 bus
Time: from 19th of January till January 21st

"Medical Malpractice"

李平虎 Li Pinghu
地点:长宁区中心医院 address:Chang Ning District Cnc Hospital
time:January 22st

“ 排队的病人一排排坐在座位上,盯着前面

“All patients wait in line, seat on
their seats and look into the screen in
front of them. Everything in perfect order.
I always had an impression that patient
have to sense of safety, in need for help.
But this perfect order made me doubt are

these really sick, are they really
patients. This time I came again to the
hospital with few friends, they used the
names of the Chinese executed criminals to
register to see doctor but don’t

participate.just let the names be called.
This action is coincidence of reality,

maybe some people will think is joke”
Li Pinghu

"Walk with me"

杜立志 Du LiZhitime: 16:00,January 20t 16:00 时间:1月20日
Site:tian mu xi lu
“Group of people are moving on the
roadway respecting the same traffic
rules as the cars. Group of people

that solely moves in between the
cars gives the feeling of loneliness,
specious mistiness. Temping to build
the relationship with the public
system,relationship of mutual exclusion
and oppugn” Du Lizhi

"Outstanding Citizen Award"

Huang Kui to people who cross the s
treet on the red light give’s the
award of outstanding citizen and

5 RMB in cash

黄奎 Huang Kui
地点:长寿路 address: Chang Shou Lu
Time: January 20th 12:00 到18:00

"City Golf"

城市高尔夫City Golf

高铭研Gao Mingyan
地点: 上海市 address:Shanghai
日期: 2007.1.20\21 dates: January 20 and 21st

"Hip Hop walk"

Casual dialog with you, but not so
easy set you the rules” Zhang Qing

章清 Zhang Qing
地点:雁荡路 address:Yan Dang LuTime:January 21th

"10 Seconds on Safety"

“While people taking the money usually feel really nervous, wish that strobe light makes them feel more relaxed” Jin Shan

靳山 Jin Shan
Time: from 19th of January till January 21st
address:Around Middle Huai Hai road


向利庆 Xiang Liqing
address:Guang Fu road, Zao Yang road, Zhong Hua road, East Fu Xing road(crossections)
时间:1月20日12:00 开始
time:January 20th starting from 12:00

"I Feel Good"

Alterazioni Video (意大利小组)
地点:外滩 address:The Bund
时间: 1月19号 从13:00到晚上
Time: January 19 from 13:00 till dark

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