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The 7th Photo Festival , Chinese Contemporary Photo & Video
Group Exhibition GANA Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Date: 2007

Artists: SHI Yong 施勇 |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 | 

The 7th Photo Festival CHINA Contemporary Photo & Video

This year sees the 7th Photo Festival at Gana Art Gallery which launched in 2001, taking a look at the present and the boundless possibilities of photography as an independent artistic genre. It has changed the future to the past through the renowned domestic and foreign photographic artists’ works with various forms and themes every year, witnessing the advance by leaps and bounds of photography art.

Now, we are pleased to present the 7th Photo Festival CHINA Contemporary Photo & Video with the photographic and video works of China today. It will be an occasion to identify another expression and new potentiality of Chinese contemporary art whose introduction to Korea has been restricted only within the limits of painting, though it obtained excellent results in the international art market.

The 70 works of the 10 artists working in Beijing and Shanghai such as Cang Xin, Cui Xiuwen, Hong Lei, Huang Yan, Li Wei, Liu Ren, Miao Xiaochun, Shi Yong, Wang Gongxin, and Yang Zhenzhong will clearly evidence the 'contemporary China', the place of collision between long tradition and radical change, and of coexistence of calm and dynamism.

The power and new discovery of photographic art that is beyond our expectation will be a foundation for the future of contemporary art. Our great thanks goes to those who has encouraged, and will continue to encourage, Photo Festival to grow together with photography which comes to us as a fresh and stimulating vision every year.

2007. 6. Gana Art Center

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