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Talk on "Liu Xiaohui: Movements" , Un-understandable Events
Event ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Date: 03.25, 2018

Artist: LIU Xiaohui 刘晓辉 | 

Guests: Wang Min’an He Jing Liu Xiaohui
Date: 25th March, 2018 15:00
Address: ShanghART Beijing, 261 Cao Chang Di, Airport Side Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 
Contact: | + 86 10 6432 3202

As an artist focusing on painting, Liu Xiaohui centers the structure of his practice closely around life. By employing a painterly language, he constantly deliberates and refines non-referring subject matters and ordinary scenes, aiming at accurate expression of truth via permeating effect of quality and quantity. In his recent creation, he has gone from complete understandability, from the purity and isolation of the line, to the intersection, pairing and play of lines, and on to the current rupturing, breaching and concealment of lines, and the un-understandability of color fields. This has been the trajectory of his paintings over the past two years—the paintings have pivoted towards un-understandable events.


Wang Min’an (b.1969)

Wang Min’an, professor at the Capital Normal University, focuses his research on contemporary criticism theory, on which he has published multiple essays. He is the editor of Renwen Kexue Yicong [Humanities Translation Studies] and Producing. His publications include Who is Roland Barthes, The Limits of Michel Foucault, Friedrich Nietzsche and Body, Body, Space, and Postmodernity, The Factory of Images, Sensory Technologies, Modernity, What is Contemporary, On Appliance, among others.

He Jing (b.1982)

He Jing is a curator, writer and editor who works and lives in Beijing, and has devoted herself to the research and curatorial projects of contemporary images in the field of conceptual practice.

She currently served as the director of research of Mao Ji-hong Arts Foundation in China. And previously, she worked as editor-in-chief of LEAP Magazine’s French issues, and deputy editor of its International Edition.

After obtaining her bachelor and master degrees from the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, He Jing obtained her master degree in Aesthetics and Contemporary Art Curating from University of Sorbonne I in Paris, and worked as a senior researcher at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in France. She has curated many exhibitions, screening projects and conversation events organized in the Centre National Editions Art et Image (CNEAI), Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, Photofairs Sans Francisco (US), Fudan University in Shanghai, OCT Contemporary Art Center in Shenzhen, and other art institutions or platforms in China and abroad. As editor-in-chief, He Jing co-created the French Edition of LEAP Magazine with her publisher Cao Dan, and conceived a number of features around the Chinese contemporary art. He Jing is also a longtime contributor, her writings appear in books, exhibition catalogues and prominent art periodicals, such as LEAP, The Art Newspaper China, Flash Art and Artforum etc.

Liu Xiaohui (b.1975)

Liu Xiaohui moved to Beijing in 1991. He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) High School, and subsequently got his bachelor and master degrees from CAFA. In 2007, he was invited to London for an exchange program. He currently teaches at the Mural Painting Department of CAFA. Practicing primarily as a painter, Liu centers the structure of his practice closely around life, taking it as the source of clue (or path). By employing a painterly language and tireless repeating analysis of color, the artist both affirms and denies perennially the immediate experience. He constantly deliberates and refines non-referring subject matters and ordinary scenes. Finally, Liu aims at accurate expression of truth from an oriental view via permeating effect of quality and quantity.

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