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Bangkok Density
Group Exhibition Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation, Florence, Italy
Date: 06.27, 2011 - 09.15, 2011

Artists: Arin RUNGJANG 阿林·朗姜 | 

With BANGKOK DENSITY Biagiotti Arte Contemporanea aims to provide a survey of the Thai art scene through the works of three artists, whose art has been developing since the last decade.
A new generation which, unlike the previous one, that imposed itself on the global art scene since the mid Nineties - from Rirkrit Tiravanija to Surasi Kusolwong, from Navin Rawanchaikul to Manit Sriwanichpoom, just to name some of its leading figures - does not establish its oeuvre on the difference and specificity of the Thai thing compared to the rest of the world, but draws instead from many influences and imaginaries, which characterize the current Thai cultural situation, in particular the Bangkok one, in its diversity. In this scene, the visual culture of mass consumerism, fashion, film, stardom, pop music, the economic development of Thailand and the local political situation together with the flow of information through the internet and the more or less temporary presence of Western and Asian people, Japanese and Indians in particular, has become of relevant importance. The title of the show is an explicit reference to the first three titles of the four novels by John Burdett set in Bangkok and helps to introduce the new artistic scene that has emerged in the Thai capital during the last years. The "density" evoked by the title, qualified as a dominant feature of the city to which it refers, moves from the current social and political situation in Bangkok, where tourism, cultural exchanges and products of globalization mix with the local cultural context, giving rise to a sort of "magmatic material”: density is to be conceived more as thickness than heaviness, a sort of fullness that resists any attempt of adaptation and definition.

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