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Shi Yong: Caution! Your Intervention Will Make an Impact on It, As It Will Also Make an Impact on You , Project Terrace III @ 1431 Huaihai Middle Rd.
Project Positive Art Research Centre (PARC), Shanghai
Date: 10.24, 2020 - 12.05, 2020

Artists: SHI Yong 施勇 | 

Shi Yong: Caution! Your Intervention will make an impact on it, as it will also make an impact on you
“Project Terrace”is pleased to present artist Shi Yong’s latest work“Caution! Your Intervention will make an impact on it, as it will also make an impact on you”. The theme of this term's “Terrace Chat”is“Artist's Multiple Identities.”

Project Terrace @ 1431 Huaihai Middle Road (Project Terrace)
Alice Chen, the wife of the French Consul General in Shanghai, invites Shanghai based artists to 1431 Huaihai Middle Road to create site specific works that interacts with the terrace, and allow them to practice, research and exchange ideas based on the concept of“Positive Art.”

The project is named“Project Terrace.”
“Project Terrace”is held every two months: one Shanghai based artist is invited to create and share their work each term; every term will feature a“Terrace Chat”section, which invites friends and scholars to conduct open discussions based on a particular theme.

Positive Art Research Centre (PARC)
Positive Art Research Centre (PARC) was established by Alice Chen in 2018. The aim of PARC is to research, practice and promote art that brings positive force to human beings and society.“Project Terrace”is a non-profit PARC project launched by Alice Chen.

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