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Ink City
Group Exhibition Tai Kwun, Hong Kong
Date: 04.22, 2021 - 08.01, 2021

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

INK CITY sets out an expanded vision of ink art firmly grounded in current social, political, and aesthetic concerns, featuring artists inspired by immediate encounters with contemporary life. Often caught between an overwhelming urbanism and intimate brushes with everyday life, the artists offer keen observations, commentaries, and sometimes even deconstructions of contemporary culture and society through their artworks.

INK CITY collectively showcases the social narratives of an age marked by transition. Some stories tell the unique perspectives of Hong Kong in the twilight of the colonial era, with the city adjusting to the handover and navigating rising global tensions; other narratives take in the vast range of the Chinese diaspora and resonate with shared social experiences of gender, identity, desire, and fantasy. The exhibition celebrates the vision of artists—from different generations and of diverse backgrounds—who are united by a passionate exploration of the transformative power of art to shape ideas, sharing a desire to drive social awareness through their practice. By calling attention to this potential to engage with social issues and encourage awareness of untold stories, INK CITY underlines the dynamism and breadth of what ink art can be.

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Works Exhibited :

Tai Kwun ,


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