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Zomi - Trans-local Migrants on the Water , Contemporary Art from the Mekong region
Group Exhibition Semba Art Site Project, Osaka, Japan
Date: 07.17, 2021 - 09.05, 2021

Artists: Arin RUNGJANG 阿林·朗姜 | 

This year's exhibition, titled “Zomi-Trans-local Migrants on the Water: Contemporary Art from the Mekong Region” is a group exhibition featuring mainly young artists who have participated in international exhibitions. Starting from the "Water" of the Osaka Semba and the Mekong Basin countries, we would like to discover the common denominator between the people of Osaka and Asia, and re-present the state of globalization and capitalism from Osaka/Asia.
This exhibition will feature not only prominent artists from the Asian region, such as Arin Rungjang, an exhibiting artist at the 55th Venice Biennale, and Khvay Samnang an exhibiting artist at the Singapore Biennale, but also a total of 10 artists/collectives, mainly regular exhibitors at international exhibitions, who will be introduced for the first time in Japan. The exhibition will be curated by ”Production Zomia," a mixed team of Japanese and Southeast Asian curators led by AURA Contemporary Art Foundation, and this event will provide an opportunity for visitors to experience cutting-edge contemporary art from the Asian region.

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