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Sun Xun:Sky Studio , West Bund Art & Design 2021
Solo Exhibition Art Fairs West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, No. 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District
Date: 11.11, 2021 - 11.14, 2021

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊

"Sky Studio" is a continuously growing project of Sun Xun for years. Like the name of the series, it was created by the artist Sun Xun while he was on travel or artist residency in different regions of the world. In this non-fixed studio environment, he uses newspapers on the flight or any printable objects that appear during the trip as a medium in his work. The content of this project starts with fragmented inspiration or dramatic imagination.. The collection of thousands of works have been presented as a whole picture after year’s development, which allow to combine all fragments into a magnificent two-dimensional new world. Its interspersed, cultural blending, and reality intersect under Sun Xun's unique ink wash painting technique.

The animated film has always been Sun Xun’s dream. After nearly ten years of preparation, Sun Xun officially launched the first feature-length narrative film "Magic of Atlas" in 2019. In this film, Sun Xun wants to combine the narrative with a world artistic and historic style by using different serval  techniques. More specifically, such as woodcuts, contemporary paintings, persian miniatures, and oriental traditional paintings are interspersed to show the characteristics of different cultural backgrounds and emphasize the significance of painting in this film. The theme of Zen laid as the foundation of the philosophy  plays a significant part in this travel-based project. Sun Xun did a lot of research on Zen philosophy during his travels, which directly affected the narration of the movie "Magic of Atlas”.The plot of the film itself is designed to be a flowing and self-growing narrative structure. The protagonist "Xiao Zhi" travels through the different territories which represents various painting styles. The inside and the outside world are connected as well as the external real-world influences how the little boy's life would develop in the film.

The "Sky Studio" series is a record of the artist's travels in various countries. It is a creation that is separated from studio-free background. It integrates the instant seeing and understanding from all over the world and draws the inspiration from “the sky”.The protagonist "Xiao Zhi" in the film "Magic of Atlas" travels in a fictional world while the director Sun Xun travels in realityl.Thus,  “Sky Studio” series presents Sun Xun’s experience of reality. Both pieces are mutually influenced each other.

"Sky Studio" series is majorly reslised on newspaper.  "Shock of Time"is the work that Sun Xun  first time applied on the material (2006). In this work, old newspapers from  the 1950s  and 1960s have a symbolic meaning of time. The Yellow and old newspaper was once regarded as the standard of truth, has lost a certain degree of certainty and authenticity at the time, which places a difference between the "Sky Studio” series. Sun Xun choice to use the newspapers that were currently available by him. He emphasizes the immediacy and presence in this series. Regardless of the time, place, content, and material of the paper, no matter how illusory and perverse the content is. It has a "real" dependence. It’s “in the moments” It is also related to the structural design of this feature-length narrative film "Magic of Atlas" that the artist is creating. The protagonist "Xiao Zhi" has been traveling in different territories in the fictional movie world under the guidance of "Mysterious Master", and he has a taste of the local scenery and environment. Entering the local storyline, the idea of “In the moments “ also exists in "Little Zhi"'s travels, but "this moment" also implies a certain uncertainty. The biggest uncertainty in travel is not an arrival, but how to arrive. Travel, and life is a process of time and how actually to arrive again and again

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