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Carve the Boat for the Sword
Group Exhibition JIMU Culture Space, Hangzhou, Birchwood Handicraft Garden, No.38 Fujiwan, Xihu District
Date: 12.31, 2021 - 03.13, 2022

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

Carve the Boat for the Sword

"Carving a boat for a sword" is a traditional Chinese story. The truth it tells is that doing things can't just be based on subjective wishes, but should be handled flexibly according to changes in objective conditions.
The exhibition uses the Chinese idiom "carving a boat and seeking a sword" to express the artists' perseverance in their artistic creation. Time changes, the original swords are no longer there, and whenever we see the traces of their artistic creation, we can awaken our past. They are stubborn and not smooth; they are wise and do not follow blindly. In the current world full of fragmented phenomena, keep a distance from reality and search for the self in your heart. They mocked themselves by "carving a boat for a sword" and defended the swordsman spirit with their artistic expression of pride.
On December 26, 2021, JIMU D Space Hangzhou will launch its first exhibition "Carving a Boat and Seeking a Sword". The exhibition will use the works of four artists to explore the modern inheritance of Chinese philosophy. The artists are: Sun Xun, Tong Biao, Zhang Jun, Zhang Wuyun (names are arranged in alphabetical order of surnames).

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