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The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition , A Vista of Perspectives
Group Exhibition He Xiangning Art Museum OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen
Date: 12.16, 2007 - 05.20, 2008

Artists: LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基 | 

The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition: A Vista of Perspectives will open on December 16, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. at the main exhibition hall of the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal. This exhibit is organized by the He Xiangning Art Museum and the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, and co-organized by the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Group Co. and Overseas Chinese Town Real Estate Co..

Participant artists are Ai Weiwei, Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Bai Yiluo, Cao Hui, Feng Feng, Gu Wenda, Cheng Changwei, Cheng Dapeng, Harris Kondosphyris (Greece), Huang Zhiyang (Taiwan), Jesus Palomino (Spain), Li Jiwei, Li Hui, Liang Shaoji, Liu Jianhua, Qin Chong, Qin Yufen, Song Dong, Thanos Zakopoulos (Greece), UNMASK, Via Lewandowski (Germany), Wang Shugang, Yuan Shun, Xu Bing, Zhu Jinshi.

The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition: A Vista of Perspectives is curated by Feng Boyi. Curatorial assistants include Liu Pei, Feng Keru and Wang Dong. The exhibition is open to the public until May 20, 2008

Since 1998, the Shenzhen contemporary sculpture exhibition has been a hallmark event for the He Xiangning Art Museum, and has served as a standard for large-scale international exhibitions of contemporary art in China. The theme of this year's edition, A Vista of Perspectives, embodies a dual significance.

First, the influence of China's process of modernization on people's lives has been particularly evidenced by the epistemological worship of the individual's infinite abilities and the ceaseless exploitation of natural resources. What is critical, however, is the loss of control concealed within the propagation of China's modernization. Artists confront a reality beset with a rapidly developing economy that at once assaults and subverts traditional ideas and lifestyles. Faced with this spiritual crisis, it seems that we are all positioned within the dangerous state of being out of control.

Second, the artistic impulse for creation arises from a conflict between reality and the artist's own self. Concealed within the recesses of the visual form, this impulse tests the artist's pre-existing concern for humanity and orientation of values. Artists in this exhibition insert "natural forms" into the cityscape through the concept of "non-sculpture" or "transcending sculpture." "Natural forms" refers to the transformation of our previous visual understandings of sculpture by utilizing natural materials to convey complex and poetic ideas. It also presents artists' attitudes towards the relationship between urban planning and nature, their deep commitment to the power and form of nature, and an exploration into the possibilities and experimental nature of sculpture. Deriving from and reflecting on nature, these works are positioned between the man-made and natural worlds. They seek to arouse people's respect and love for nature, reconfigurate the vanishing environmental ecology, and create a new opportunity for people to meditate on the past and reconsider the future.

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