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The History of Sound , 30 Years of Retrospective of Sound Creation in Chinese Contemporary Art
Group Exhibition Sound Art Museum, Beijing
Date: 05.18, 2023 - 11.19, 2023

Artists: GENG Jianyi 耿建翌 |  SHI Yong 施勇 | 

Curator: Qin Siyuan, Wang Jing
Exhibition time: from May 18 to Nov 19, 2023

Unsounded - Retrospective of 30 Years’Sound Creation in China’s Contemporary Art, through a six-month exhibition, gives a retrospective look at the practice of art creation in Chinese contemporary art with sound as the main medium in the past 30 years.

The exhibition will make a breakthrough in the chronological and comprehensive perspectives of traditional retrospectives. It adopts a speculative anthropological standpoint instead to set sail in the river of history, sort out the ripples of time, and make works from different historical times re-present in a combined way. Each group of works is an island, formed in line with a unique sound concept, making a special logical relationship.

In the exhibition hall, the works will be replaced on a regular basis. The number of participating artists increases, as the exhibition goes on, so much so that a picture of a nearly complete archipelago ecology of sound creation in Chinese contemporary art will be presented at last.

Participating artists (in chronological order)
Shi Yong, Zhang Peili, Yin Yi, Geng Jianyi, Feng Chen, Xin Yunpeng

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Shi Yong
Geng Jianyi

Works Exhibited :

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