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Solo Exhibition Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Esplanade, Singapore
Date: 09.29, 2023 - 01.07, 2024

Artists: Melati SURYODARMO 麦拉蒂·苏若道默

Performance: 30 September 2023, 2pm

The body, a vessel of experience and memory, is a living testament to the continuity of human nature across the ages. Behaviours like hunting, gathering, greed and defence have existed in the earliest human civilisations. Fracture looks at how enduring human behaviours that trace back to prehistoric times resonate with present-day lived realities, shaping how we relate with each other and lending insight into the fissures that exist in the world today.

Through performance and an installation of objects, prints and video, Melati Suryodarmo unveils the connections that tie behaviours with prehistoric roots to the tapestry of our present existence. As part of the exhibition, there will be durational performances where Melati and two performers enact symbolic gestures that evoke primal ways of being. As the performers interact with the installation, the environment transforms, with the objects embodying new layers of meaning. A video and a series of cyanotype prints in the installation explore ideas of identity, memory and the passage of time.

Fracture is a poignant exploration of the human condition. In an age of globalisation, sociopolitical divides continue to persist and shape the relationship between the body and the world it inhabits. Melati invites us to contemplate our identity, the interplay of our shared experiences, and the untold stories that reside within us all.

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Opening Performance
Installation views courtesy of Esplanade

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