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Sun Xun: The Immeasurable Everything
Project ShanghART M50, Shanghai (STOP SPACE)
Date: 06.09, 2023 - 07.08, 2023

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

Opening: 9 June 2023, Sat. 4pm
Duration: 9 June - 8 July 2023 (11 am – 6pm, Sunday&Mon. Closed)
Location: Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai

ShanghART M50 is delighted to present the art project at STOP SPACE by Sun Xun, “The Immeasurable Everything”, opening on 9 June 2023. During the exhibition, a special “studio” will be set up to showcase the artist’s daily work.

Launched in winter 2019, the STOP SPACE project was based on Sun Xun’s feature-length narrative animation ‘Magic of Atlas’. From the layout and decoration of the space to the works on display, STOP SPACE is closely related to the animation. As Sun Xun's animation progresses, the physical space of the project changes; STOP SPACE is a fragment of the animated world that falls into reality or a parallel black hole where the artist gives the audience the opportunity to travel through the world of creation.

“The Immeasurable Everything”echoes Sun Xun’s solo in ShanghART westbund space “An Infinite Journey ”in 2022, showcasing Sun Xun's new creations of the animations. Over the years, Sun Xun has devoted himself to breaking away from the traditional way of creating animated films and trying to incorporate a variety of artistic styles. He emphasises the special significance of painting in animation, suggesting that art works as the imagery of the reality does not lie in a single medium, while different media can promote the enlightenment and collision of artistic expression at different levels.

In 2022, the solo exhibition “An Infinite Journey ”of Sun Xun was presented the world of woodcuts in the six different painting mediums of the animation‘Magic of Atlas’: Luo Cha. In this special project “The Immeasurable Everything”,in addition to new woodcuts from the world of‘Luo Cha’, visitors will also get a glimpse the works of ‘Jing Bang’, which is the another world in the animation, revolves around oil painting as the main medium. The works in the exhibition are interspersed in a physical space designed by the artist, breaking the normal way of displaying the works, as if pulling the audience into a fantastic parallel world of the animation. For the duration of the exhibition, a special space will be set up in STOP SPACE as a temporary studio to showcase Sun Xun's daily work.

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