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Group Exhibition VVVVVV Gallery, Hangzhou
Date: 07.22, 2023 - 09.16, 2023

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

The exhibition is themed around the concept of "The East". "The East" not only refers to a geographical term, but also serves as a reference to a concept of displacement, encompassing both the inherent spatial position and the geographical position of displacement trajectory. "The East" is a relative positional parameter that ranges from precise coordinate confirmation to ambiguous boundary delineation. It represents a new system of orientation aesthetics and geopolitical, economic, and technological dissolution of naturalness. It also encompasses a certain degree of ambiguity between boundaries, resembling the marshes and dense forests that arise from phylogeography.
The exhibition "The East" encapsulates a cultural hybridity that is emerging within established geopolitical boundaries. Facing towards the "West," "The East" appears to disperse and distribute itself in a manner that diverts attention. It presents a panoramic spectacle of scattered perspectives, akin to a nomadic wandering, where one becomes lost in unidimensionality and finds certainty within the realm of ambiguity. "The East" gathers a multitude of wandering souls with fresh consciousness. This exhibition showcases the diverse expressions of six artists, each exploring their unique concepts and mediums, presenting a geographical narrative and a performative exploration of the realm of "The East".

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