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Coal Spell
Solo Exhibition Platform China, Beijing
Date: 05.03, 2008 - 06.03, 2008

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊

About Coal Incantation:

When we sleep deeply, everything becomes history. ---Sun Xun

Coal Spell, inspired by this old five Yuan RMB note, is an account of the rise and fall of Fuxin, an old industrial coal city located in northeastern China. As a result of the experiences and nostalgia of his upbringing, the artist began to question both History and Power:

In a mysterious dark city, yellow sand storms wreak havoc.  Several huge smokestacks located in the middle of the city pierce the sky, emitting black fumes, which blanket the sun. The sound of doctrine rings out daily in order to banish various curiosities about this world. The city is a tremendous prison where history is boxed up like a monster – a brutal, fierce monster. One particular day, people were forcing the screaming Soviet Union excavator to clumsily open the skin of the land, gradually closing the heart of the city…even the changes of history can be closely watched.

People’s money, pattern is just the illustration…

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