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ICHIHARA x ART x CONNECTIONS Crossing of Worlds and Me
Group Exhibition Ichihara Lakeside Museum,Ichihara,Japan
Date: 03.23, 2024 - 06.23, 2024

Artists: LIU Yi 刘毅 | 

Since the descendants of Eve arrived across the sea as far back as 30,000 years ago, the Japanese archipelago has experienced various forms of ethnic migration and globalization. Ichihara City, located in the center of Chiba Prefecture, has also received many people from all over Japan and the world, and one in 50 of its population has roots overseas. “ICHIHARA x ART x CONNECTIONS – Crossing of Worlds and Me" is an exhibition designed to contribute to creating a society where residents din Ichihara of diverse ethnic backgrounds can live together. Through workshops, research, and interviews with artists from their home countries, the works created will shed light on the history, culture, and climate of each country, as well as the lives and thoughts of the people living here, and open up our imagination. We hope that this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to connect "I" with worlds toward a multicultural society.
The exhibition will be held as part of “Hyakunengo Art Festival: Uchiboso Art Festival,” which will be organized in collaboration with the five Uchiboso cities of Ichihara, Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Sodegaura, and Futtsu to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Chiba Prefecture.

Tradition and Modernity: Artists from China and Korea with a Long History of Exchange
China and Korea have the longest history of exchange for Japan. Despite difficult times, our Japanese culture has been deeply influenced by both. Chinese artist Liu Yi, through interviews with the life stories of Chinese people living in Ichihara, depicts the soul journeys of Chinese people seeking their place in a foreign land while maintaining their uniqueness, in an animated work utilizing the ancient Chinese ink painting technique. On the other hand, Cho Eun Phil is an artist from South Korea who continues to create works on the theme of "blue," a color that has been a special and beloved color in Korea. This time, she will create a world of blue inside and outside the museum, inspired by the lake.

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Artist | Liu Yi's commissioned short film "Nice to Meet You" is now on display at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum ,


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