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Su Chang: Across
Solo Exhibition ShanghART, Shanghai
Date: 05.18, 2024 - 06.30, 2024

Artists: SU Chang 苏畅

ShanghART Shanghai (West Bund) is pleased to present Su Chang’s solo exhibition "Across", opening on 18 May 2024, featuring the artist’s latest sculptures.

In recent years, Su Chang has been working in cities and nature, exploring the ‘invisible’ changes therein, and trying to capture these changes with sculpture. Among the sculptures on the first floor of the exhibition hall, the flattened, enlarged, and folded material still carries the geographical traces of the molding process. On the second floor, a large-scale installation is presented for the first time, constructed with grey brick arrangements and white plaster sculptures, where the combination of heaviness and fragility produces a strong visual conflict within the space. Su Chang's sculpture is a "process" mixed with experience and memory, a channel to "Across". In the artist's subjective spatio-temporal context, the relationship between sculpture and the flux of the outside world is constantly reshaped.

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