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Misty Mountains and Silky Flow: Liang Shaoji's Dialogue with Huang Binhong
Solo Exhibition Ni Art Museum, Suzhou, 519 Shiquan Street, Gusu District
Date: 06.29, 2024 - 11.10, 2024

Artists: LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基

“Misty Mountains and Silky Flow: Liang Shaoji's Dialogue with Huang Binhong” is now on view at Ni Art Museum. The exhibition features the artist Liang Shaoji's "Broken Landscape" series and Huang Binhong's "Wushiwanjuan Lou (Studio of 500,000 Volumes)", which jointly investigate the vigorous vitality and diverse possibilities of traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophies with the context of different eras, media, and concepts. Themed "Misty Mountains and Silky Flow", the exhibition initiates an art dialogue across time and space, with "remnants" and "silkworms" as the special perspective.

"Mountains are considered gods by the Chinese, and Huang Binhong is a great master of modern Chinese landscape painting, With reverence for mountains, admiration for Huang Binhong, and the spirit of exploring nature, I write with my unique medium - the silkworm, which is a language with the dimension of time and life.

The word 残 ([tsan], broken) in the name of the work "残山水 (Broken Landscape)" indicates three harmonic characters: 蚕 ([tsan], silkworm) as the medium through which I comprehend the world; 残 ([tsan], broken) a state or sense of deficiency contributed by the loss of Chinese traditional culture; 禅 ([chan], Zen Buddhism) as the transformation of spiritual sublimation. I would like to invite the audiences to appreciate and re-create the works together in the exhibition." Said Liang Shaoji.

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Exhibition view, images from Ni Art Museum
Liang Shaoji_Broken Landscape
Huang Binhong_Studio of 500,000 Volumes (Wushiwanjuan Lou)

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