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The Invention of the Present , Representations of everyday life in Chinese contemporary photography
Group Exhibition Centro Casa Asia - Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Date: 06.21, 2007 - 09.03, 2007

Artists: YANG Fudong 杨福东 | 

The title of this exhibition recalls a present which is “invented”, a time of our lives in permanent change; an economic, political, social and cultural time, which changes name, pushed by circumstances that encourage its acceleration in the information society. The use of the term “invention” means, in this case, “creation, construction, production” and all the generalizations that stem from this activity. With this word, what the mass media has called the “Chinese miracle” is named. This concept approaches the wideness and complexity of phenomenons involved in the great transformation of the country, which find in avant-garde art a perfect means to be “shown”. This exhibition gathers the works of six representative artists of the development of contemporary photography and the historical relation between painting and photography, which is developed in China after the 90’s. This coincides with the great metamorphosis of the urban landscapes of great cities and the exploration of artists that add everyday life, domestic scenes and public spaces to the their artistic languages. This discourse is constituent of its “difference” and its capacity to synthesize tradition and modernity, worship of what’s “new” and simultaneously, to the origins of an ancient culture that makes up its origin and the identity of its individuals.

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