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Group Exhibition Don Gallery, Shanghai
Date: 04.24, 2010 - 06.06, 2010

Artists: DING Yi 丁乙 | 

1863 Huaihai Road (M)

The exhibition gets its idea from Don Gallery's interesting discovery through years' of interaction with Chinese and foreign artists. That is, despite their creators’ totally different inspirations, geographic and culture backgrounds, artworks can look amazingly similar!

Don Gallery invites three pairs of domestic or international artists who create works of highly coincident resemblance which greatly impressed the audience. The artists have different views of the world, and the expressions of beauty, though in personalized ways, can look so familiar.

Ding Yi, one of the abstract painting pioneers in China, is well known for his repeated "+" shaped design, while Lore Vanelslande from Belgium is as patient and delicate in her mathematic design. Her hidden birthday code makes extremely personalized works.  

Both focusing on colorful lines, Chinese artist Qu Fengguo's works feature mediation with "space", "handwriting", and "touch", Christeene Britton from Australia, on the other hand,  creates abstract lines from concrete matters such as the bamboo sea, or the huge rock in hometown.

Coincidentally, Shanghai artist Yang Yongliang and German artist Christin Kalweit both include urban views in traditional Chinese black and white painting style photographs. Come closer to Yang's work, you will get shocked by the details hidden in the mountains and rivers. If you take a few steps back from Christin’s works, however, you will discover the huge secret behind the figures.

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