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Will to Height , Contemporary Art Exhibition
Group Exhibition epSITE, Shanghai
Date: 05.15, 2010 - 06.20, 2010

Artists: JIANG Pengyi 蒋鹏奕 |  JI Wenyu 计文于 |  SHEN Fan 申凡 |  SONG Tao 宋涛 |  SHI Yong 施勇 |  ZHANG Enli 张恩利 | 

on 15th of May at 4 pm. It is the first time epSITE and EPSON making a contemporary art exhibition with 15 established artists, including Ji Wenyu, Jiang Pengyi, Jin Jiangbo, Liu Jianhua, Luo Yongjin, Maleonn, Shen Fan, Shi Yong, Song Tao, Yang Yongliang, Zhang Enli, Zhou Hongxiang, Zhu Hao, Zhu Feng and Zi Bai. Some of them are world known contemporary artists in painting, installation art, photography and video art areas. Each artist will represent one artworks. It is also the first time that epSITE not only exhibits photography but installation art, painting and video art.

By the opening of 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, which is spotlighted worldwide. Especially Pudong, where was a wide expanse of flat land 18 years ago and became the tower-forest today, Shanghai is continous upwards to height with unprecedented tempo. As Dr. Gu Zheng wrote in his curatorial text :

Today Shanghai may well be the world’s hottest place of skyscrapers, and it may also be their last promised land. ……In a development-craving China today, skyscrapers not only means economic success, but also emerge as a double totem of politics and economy. Their appearance in China suggests more than an influx and display of capital; it carries a political overtone. It is a visual reference to the struggle between the rising Oriental countries with an old-line capitalist one for ideological dominance.

Facing to this ceaseless raising height of the city, how these discerning and keen perceptive artists will react for it, how they interpretate it and with which visual angle and attitudes to represent it become a highlight spot. Using their own understanding about this city development, 15 artists show their own unique visual imagination and visual representation for us. Using these artists’ great works, Dr. Gu Zheng analyses them in his text with “At a Distant Range”, “Looking Upward” and “Looking Downward” three different angles; with the artists, they show us “In the face of a skyscraper-thronging cityscape, how do visual artists respond and what topic could they have in such a hot pursuit of height?”, which seeks to explore the relationship between their art works and the urban space, and reflect their effort to reshape the cityscape.

All exhibited artworks are created from 2004 till nowadays. All these artworks from different art categories are exhibited my different EPSON media or EPSON qualified media (backlit film, rice paper, canvas, photo paper, fine art paper and texture materials) and different products (inkjet printers, projector). epSITE Shanghai making this theme, because epSITE believes such continuous upward height is not only for this great city – Shanghai, which she pursues, but also for EPSON brand and its pursuance.

All these 15 artists and the curator Dr. Gu Zheng will attend the opening ceremony in epSITE Shanghai. This exhibition will be last till 20th of June.

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