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67th Venice International Film Festival
Film Festival Venice, Italy
Date: 09.01, 2010 - 09.11, 2010

Artists: Isaac Julien 艾萨克·朱利安 |  SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

21 KE (21 GRAMS) by XUN SUN - China, 29' animation, no dialogues

This world has no specific time; we live in vanity. This is a confusing world. There’s no law, no rule, and the lie dominates everything. There’s lying and being lied to only. Telling a lie is morally condemned everywhere, but a magician is the only exception. When people feel lost, they mortgage their souls, and pin their hopes on us. Yes, magicians are the authority! A lie is the truth! And it’s cheap! (5 September 17:15 - Sala Perla; 6 September 15:00 - Sala Volpi)

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