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The Constructed Dimension , 2010 Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition
Group Exhibition National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Date: 08.18, 2010 - 09.02, 2010

Artists: FENG Mengbo 冯梦波 |  WANG Guangyi 王广义 |  ZENG Fanzhi 曾梵志 | 

30 years of development since the reform and opening-up has made China's contemporary art grown from the embryonic stage to maturity, and become an important part of Chinese contemporary culture. In the age of globalization, the Chinese contemporary art has set foot on the abroad and won the attention of international art field. The existence of Chinese contemporary art also fully embodies the inclusiveness and openness of contemporary Chinese culture, as well as irreplaceable spiritual values contained.

The exhibition is jointly organized by Graduate School Of China Art Academy and National Art Museum of China and undertaken by the Institute of Contemporary Arts of Graduate School Of China Art Academy. Representative artists coming from different periods and different art fields over the past 30 years will be invited to take part in the exhibition. Besides some representative works of artists, dozens of new works involving painting, sculpture and installation will be shown to the audience.

Academic goals of the exhibition lie in the following four aspects: first, present the connection and interaction between contemporary art and the reality of Chinese social culture in different historical periods, focus on the characteristics and significance presented in the process of participating in the contemporary culture construction; second, highlight the construction of the art, culture and spiritual values, and emphasize the openness and pluralism in terms of "Dimension"; third, highlight the study value of art cases, and draw the outline of Chinese contemporary art in terms of basic development and diversified creation pattern on the basis of studying cases of artists; fourth, seek for freshness and uniqueness from the presentation and layout of the exhibition under the premise of not let the audience feel unfamiliar. In fact, the pursuit of high-quality on-site effects not only means to build good art atmosphere fro the exhibition, but also (the most important) let the contemporary art popular available to the public and the society and make the audience more easily understand and appreciate Chinese contemporary art works through the public space, National Art Museum of China.

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