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Artist File 2011 The NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art
Group Exhibition National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 03.03, 2011 - 05.05, 2011

Artists: BIRDHEAD 鸟头 | 

The Artist File exhibition introduces a group of currently active artists whose work is among the most noteworthy, both in Japan and abroad. This year's event, the third in the series, features seven artists (six Japanese, one foreign).
The exhibitions in the Artist File series have no specific theme. This year's event presents artists with a wide range of ages, from those in their 30s to those in their 50s, and a variety of expressions, including painting, video, and sculpture, which deal with many different themes. This diversity and complexity helps realize what might be seen as the main objective of the series: to reflect the "reality" of the era.

Thus, as the title suggests, one might liken Artist File to a large cabinet in which each artist's unique perception of "reality" is filed. As viewers take each file in hand, they will make their way through a solo exhibition by each artist and revel in the unique form of "reality" they find there.

Exhibition Highlights
Artist File, launched by The National Art Center, Tokyo to satisfy one of its primary objectives – to introduce new artistic expressions –, is an independently-produced, annual exhibition that presents a selection of contemporary art works. Begun in 2008, this year marks the third event in the series. A Wide Range of Media and Age Groups In each Artist File exhibition, we present a group of artists whose work is particularly notable in the contemporary art world, both in Japan and abroad. In this year's event, we introduce a total of seven individuals, six from Japan and one from the Netherlands. The participants are not selected on the basis of any particular theme, nor are their works limited to any one medium. Representing a wide span of ages, the artists range from up-and-coming creators in their early 30s to established veterans in their late 50s. A Portrait of Art "Today" "Artist File" introduces a wide variety of new expressions that are emerging on the forefront of the art world in a single event by specifically foregoing the "framework" that is so often employed at similar exhibitions to provide an overview of the current state of contemporary art. The exhibition as a whole is meant to serve as a portrait of art "today." Take Each File in Hand and Open It Artist File is made up of a series of solo exhibitions, allowing the viewer to carefully examine the singular perspective of each artist. The exhibition catalogue is also unique, as it is a box containing separate volumes on each artist. The exhibition allows viewers to take "files" about each artist out of large "cabinets" (galleries), and while excitedly looking over them, enjoy each individual sensation.

Collecting and Providing Information The name "Artist File" is more than a metaphor for the concept of the exhibition. As a national art center, one of our main objectives is to collect and provide information and documents related to art. Through this exhibition, we attempt to collect resources on each artist, amass a collection of "files," and make our holdings available to the public. In effect, Artist File is a project designed to unify the dual pursuits of staging exhibitions, and collecting and providing information.

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