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Alfred Dunhill "Homework" Art Exhibition
Group Exhibition Alfred Dunhill, Shanghai, 796 Huanhai Rd.
Date: 10.21, 2011 - 11.25, 2011

Artists: XU ZHEN® 徐震® |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 |  ZHANG Ding 张鼎 | 

In October 2011, Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home is going to meet its glorious third anniversary. Alfred Dunhill again extends the advanced concept of Home, and has invited four famous Chinese contemporary artists namely Liu Jianhua, MadeIn Company, Yang Zhenzhong, and Zhang Ding, and the famous book designer Les Suen to respectively create a work of art for Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home based on their own artistic perspectives and unique understandings of “Home” so as to complete the artistic interpretation and sublimed experience of “Home”. This dialogue between Alfred Dunhill and the Chinese contemporary art has promoted the brand new trend of “Home” in consonance with arts and enriched the unusual experience of Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home. The ceremony celebrating the third anniversary will light up Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home of creativity and originality, and the following art exhibition named “Homework” will retain the brilliant radiance of art at Home in the next month.

In 2008, Alfred Dunhill Home unveiled their mysterious journey from London to Shanghai and has added a place of taste on Huaihai Road ever since. With its tradition of masculine disposition, outstanding function, unusual quality, and British style, Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home combines the taste appeal of men and the experiential retail concept with the luxurious third dimension of “experience”. Home is not simply an exquisite retailer; in the past three years, it has provided VIP customers various opportunities of tasting, shared with them the stories of travelling to mysterious countries, heard the delegates of Victoria and Albert Museum talking about art collection, exchanged with guests on bespoke and custom leather service and trends in the events of Home…. Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home has set up a venerable example of modern gentlemen’s life style in an all-around manner:

The “Travel and Discovery Room" on the ground floor is filled with all kinds of dedicate and fine leather, masculine and elegant jewelry and accessories, attractive gifts, just like the quiet flowing of time; the first floor is menswear section, custom room, and bespoke tailoring room, defining the clothes and images of a gentleman at various occasions; the membership KEE Club and bar on the third floor provide fine food and wine for tasty gentlemen; the VIP room of Alfred Dunhill on the top floor is a great place to relish a sip of wine and have a rest, and the balcony provides a wonderful view of an elegant English-style garden. Only being there can one experience and understand the “Art de vivre” that the luxurious and comfortable Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home serves to the successful Chinese men.

Art is rooted in life but is not limited to life.  The creative  and artistic platform “DAY 8” in, and the cooperation of Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home and the Chinese artists and designers all reflect Alfred Dunhill’s creativity, elegance, travel, culture, and intelligence that constitute the support of the brand. Alfred Dunhill and its Shanghai Home, with the eternal love and pursuit of art, give men the inspiration to chase their dreams.

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