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Unveiling of Appearance of Crosses 2010-9
Project Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, Shanghai
Date: 09.28, 2011

Artists: DING Yi 丁乙 | 

Crosses 2010-9 is a painting of large dimension by DING Yi for Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel. 810cm wide and 220cm high, it is the biggest easel piece ever created by the artist. Upon the invitation of Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, DING Yi attended the unveiling ceremony of this great project on 28th of September in 2011. Hanging in the lobby of the hotel, the work enjoys a magnificent and imposing manner with significant conception. Inspired by urban life, this masterpiece displays the movement of two crosses, demonstrating the dynamics of speed. With the tune of fluorescent red extending horizontally over the canvas, it is reminiscent of aerial view of cityscape: neon lights, people and traffic flows, blocks and shining ever-bright city, which is shaping this abstract visual illusion.

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