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Late Spring and Early Summer , Solo Exhibition of Zhou Zixi
Solo Exhibition ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Date: 12.16, 2011 - 02.08, 2012

Artists: ZHOU Zixi 周子曦

ShanghART Beijing is so pleased to present the solo exhibition "Late Spring and Early Summer" on December 16, 2011. It shows more than 30 new oil paintings created by Zhou Zixi in last two years.

The opening date of "Late Spring and Early Summer" was original planned in June, but now it is postponed to December for some reasons. Thus, the seasonal exhibition title became a chilly memory in distant, which implies some inappropriate complex and obscure sadness.

As an artist who always pays attention to reality and history of China, The new works of Zhou Zixi assume a totally new aspect. "Late Spring and Early Summer" forms like a set of traces, memories, introspections, observations and complex emotional collage of fragments. It interweaves personal history, contemporary history and reality itself. The seemingly fragmentized frames supplement, correspond, multiply, and impact with each other frames. They appear to be broken pages of the story, which implies subtle clues and shows inherent richness and imagination.

It seems meaningful for such amount of landscape paintings. Those deserted views looks like forgotten corners in city outskirts strewn with abandoned buildings. But paintings with figures and scenery reveal a surreal and incredible narration. Time passes through the old broken doors, corridors, gas meters and others, but it still remains a breath of reality. Via the realism paintings, those personal stamped paintings surpass the simple nostalgia and narrow personal lament. The portrait of current has taken a zooming angle of lens to highlight a strong sense of powerlessness. In former exhibition, Zhou Zixi was seeking a large number of history stories. But now, he back forwards to only a few scattered historical pictures, which fixed in memory of the most profound scenes. It is unreal in distance, and can’t be ruined for its truly existence. The image of the artist often appears in paintings, which seems a role as a witness and observer, it suggests the time passing and the transformation of affairs and feelings filling time gaps.

As a result, individual experience, past history and on-going history meet and pile one above the other. Some elements repeat in pictures again and again, take concerted action to form intertextuality. The whole exhibition presents a deliberately static, which cause the air filled with a kind of feeling in subtle landscape and still life. Meanwhile, it implies the origin of feeling in those unexpected and bizarre scenes.

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