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40th World Festival of Animated Film-Animafest Zagreb
Film Festival Zagreb, Croatia
Date: 05.29, 2012 - 06.03, 2012

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 | 

Film: Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined yet in the Revolution
Type: The Grand Competition

Yi chang ge ming zhong hai wei lai de ji ding yi de xing wei / Some actions which haven't been defined yet in the revolution
Xun Sun

China / 2012 / 12' 22''

Director: Xun Sun

Production: π animation studio

Distribution: π animation studio

Animation: Zhenbo Wang, Jiner Zhao, Lei Chen, Chen Chen, Tianyao Li, Yu Ma, Zhangyong Duan, Fengli Lai, Le Zhou, Yanping Yu, Jianzhou Du, Sisi Wu, Fangfang Li, Wei Chen, Linchun Fang, Nan Yang, Lei Zhou, Bohua Tang, Guohua Li

Screenplay: Xun Sun

Storyboard: Xun Sun

Editing: Chong Xu, Xun Sun, Bohua Tang

Music: Jin Shan

It's a strange day. An unidentified person lives in alien environment which is full of surreal politics and ideological colors. Everything looks fantastic, but it projects profound reality. We are humans, living in a particular corner on the earth, it may be real. All the time, space, crows and cats, classrooms and flaming clouds... the authority portrait and the hospital torture, an absurd story can be found in every dark corner of the world. We exist in such controlling rules. How to find ourselves? Does time allow us to see our own behavior clearly in this historical process?

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