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Solo Exhibition ShanghART Singapore, Singapore , 02-22, 9 Lock Road
Date: 09.14, 2012 - 10.30, 2012

Artists: ZHANG Enli 张恩利

Concept and Works by ZHANG Enli

Opening on 14th Sept., 2012 (by invitation only)
ShanghART Singapore, Gillman Barracks, 02-22, 9 Lock Road, Singapore

ShanghART Singapore is delighted to present its inaugural exhibition - PART, a solo exhibition by ZHANG Enli. With a radical - and at the same time hardly noticeable - space intervention, the Shanghai-based artist Zhang Enli reduced the originally generous gallery space to a minimum, depriving space and architecture of its seducing powers. In this space Zhang Enli set up a small, precise exhibition consisting of three parts, displaying just a few pieces specifically selected from his career which interrelate with each other: a large watercolor-on-paper work completed a few years ago about "the specimen of trees", a small oil painting as one of the most representative creation by the artist, and a recent group of three-dimensional pieces. Through the depiction of common objects or landscapes, and the juxtaposition between panorama and fragmentation, the artist suggests "the complicated implications" concealed behind reality.

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