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Offsite: MadeIn Company
Project Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada
Date: 04.25, 2013 - 09.29, 2013

Artists: XU ZHEN® 徐震® | 
Installation View of Calm, 2009

For the latest installation at Offsite, the Gallery's outdoor exhibition space on West Georgia at Thurlow Street, MadeIn Company creates a fiction that uses subtlety and mistaken identity to prompt passers-by to reconsider their perceptions. At first appearing to be debris from a demolition or recent disaster, Calm is an installation that breathes life and ambiguity into a pile of bricks. So subtly that it is barely visible to viewers, the ruins begin to slowly move, creating a mirage effect. As implied in its title, Calm alludes to the stillness that follows a disaster, while simultaneously embodying the threat of latent and imminent danger that precedes a proverbial storm. The piece's ambiguity questions ways of observing, believing and understanding facts, reminding us that truth is not always what it seems.

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MadeIn Company - The Calm Before the Storm | Randian

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