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Group Exhibition ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
Date: 05.03, 2013 - 07.07, 2013

Artists: DING Yi 丁乙 |  JI Wenyu 计文于 |  LI Shan 李山 |  PU Jie 浦捷 |  SHEN Fan 申凡 |  XU Zhen 徐震 |  YU Youhan 余友涵 |  ZHANG Qing 章清 | 

Artworks invite us to read them over and over again, because good artworks will constantly create new dialogue ways or content together with viewers. For example, people may obtain new interpretations or opinions towards the same work when the context changes.
“Re-Reading”, ShanghART Gallery’s group show in Singapore, attempts to inspire visitors to explore and experience novel receptions from the artworks in different time, space and cultural contexts; it tries to stimulate visitors to be more sensitive towards the relationship between artworks and context.

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