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Group Exhibition Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai, Room 108, Building 11, No.696 Weihai Road
Date: 11.28, 2010 - 01.31, 2011

Artists: HAN Feng 韩锋 | 

Du , a.k.a. Crossover , is a term in Zen, which refers to a state that hasn’t been reached yet. It originally referred to the suffering and difficulties one has to pass before he gets Tao.

Du ---Crossover included seven artists whose ages are between 30 and 40. They are in certain state of their art practicing, as well as in their life. They concentrate on painting, in order to pursue their artistic ideas. Every artist has passed at least the first step of success, yet still wonders how and where to make the next step. To take a next step is a challenge and breakthrough for every artist’s career. Every step they make is more or less a sacrifice and give-up (to previous state), a kind of crossover their own spiritual state. This also resembles the state of painting as a medium in today’s contemporary art context, which is to seek a breakthrough. We hope these works presented replica watches replica watches replica watches replica watches in this exhibition will bring some inspiration to our audience. Seven artists’ hard work made this exhibition possible and the works are communicating to each other in one space. After all, crossover is not one person’s practice, it is a mutual effort between the artist and the audience. rolex replica watches

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