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The Wronger, the Prettier , Han Feng Solo Show
Solo Exhibition Don Gallery, Shanghai, No. 1863 Middle Huaihai Road
Date: 05.30, 2009 - 07.12, 2009

Artists: HAN Feng 韩锋

From May 30, 2009, Don Gallery proudly presents “The Wronger, the Prettier”, a solo oil painting exhibition by young artist Han Feng. Born in 1972, Han began to study Chinese painting from his early ages. He was graduated from Harbin Normal University and is currently studying at Art Institute of Shanghai University for his MA degree.
In 2008, Han Feng has won the Jury Grand Award at 2008 Annual Creative New Artists Competition held at M50 Art Gallery. According to Mr. Ding Yi, one of the judges of this competition, Han’s work was “a classic aesthetic recreation of different relations in a painting, including theme, technique, perspective, proportion and dimensions. The simplified image and the scattered arrangement have presented contents cut to paradox segments. Han’s style and technique are shown by his limited use of color gradation and contrast. His talent also lies in every other little detail in his work.”
The simulated life collection has put together different aspects of life to create a world which seems to be reasonable, tranquil and genuine, but in fact inconsistent, twinkling, instantaneous, disturbed and distorted.
The exhibition “The Wronger, the Prettier” will describe a story about navigating and seeking in a paradox world.
The opening party will be held from 3PM-6PM on May 30. We look forward to your presence. The party is also brought to you by GLOBAL BEVERAGES ASIA. This exhibition will last for 6 weeks.

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