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Sun Xun: Script Film , Theater Residence Project
Solo Exhibition Hangzhou
Date: 04.01, 2015 - 06.07, 2015

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊

The artist's residence will last from April to June and will be finished on 6/6. The opening ceremony is on 6/7.

opening ceremony: 2015/6/7  16:00-19:00

address: Zeyi Movie Theater, 088 Tian'e Street, Sasseur Life Plaza, 8 East Jie Fang Rd., Jianggan District, Hangzhou

contact:021-6359 3923

“The reality is composed of various systems, structures and genres, such as, the monument, the museum, the theatre, and the cinema. Nonetheless, is it possible to create a new story, something out of an ordinary commercial cinema? The cinema could be a core construction system of another world, like a palace without a king. The cinema also acts as an avenue that allows people to see the world in new light, or form new perspective in some way. Creating art in the
cinema doesn't mean destruction but a new development.”
                                                                                                                                                         ---- Sun Xun

Sun Xun's The Script will be released in Hangzhou Zeyi cinema during April and May 2015. It is SUN Xun's first residency project beyond museum and gallery space. We are pleased to invite you to the opening ceremony of The Script at 16.00 - 19.00pm on June 7th 2015. Join us in witnessing this spectacular 'Art House’ together.

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