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WU Yiming Recent Works
Solo Exhibition ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Date: 05.30, 2015 - 07.12, 2015

Artists: WU Yiming 邬一名

Preview: 16:00-18:00, May 30th, 2015
Duration: 11:00-18:00, May 31th – July 12, 2015 (closes on Mondays)
Venue: ShanghART Beijing, 261 Cao Chang Di, Old Airport Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

ShanghART Beijing is pleased to present WU Yiming’s recent works. It is WU’s first solo exhibition at ShanghART Beijing showing his latest ink on paper, from May 31th – July 12th.  

It could be seen from WU’s early works that he has been profoundly influenced by western art. However, lately, Wu decided to welcome a breath of fresh air to his art practice. He seized a new direction while stating out a clear gesture for his creation, which has led to WU’s unique interpretation of the space structure and the modeling involved in his ink paintings. In order to present in a direct way without any intentional uncovering or hide, WU has managed to get rid of a sense of complexity and to illustrate a simpler painting structure. Stereoscopic vision is removed, while the implied essence is revealed by layers. His individualised spirit, thus, is able to get presented. It is what matters most.

WU believes that what has been hidden behind are waiting to be unveiled by artists during creation process. And it might gradually come to light, even though the time and the circumstance could not be predicted. The theme of creation may not be of importance for the artist. Instead, what normally appears in his artworks mainly refers to the pot plants in the studio and the daily streetscape. That is to say that WU cares more about how to find out the uncertain or alienated spirits among the routine views. This could actually be seen as a fun game for the artist. The dots, which he gathers and integrates, have helped to create his self-contained spiritual world.

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