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Food. Dal Cucchiaio Al Mondo
Group Exhibition MAXXI, Rome, Italy
Date: 05.28, 2015 - 11.15, 2015

Artists: ZHOU Tiehai 周铁海 | 

For 2015, the EXPO year, MAXXI Architettura is going to produce an exhibition focused on the global ‘side effects’ (political, social, urban, economic) of the food production, distribution, consumption and disposal on our communities and territories.
The specific aspect we are focusing on is the movement of food, which is one of the most obvious conceptual areas to investigate in order to emphasize the contents and show contradictions.

The sequence that will lead the exhibition will be based on 'scale'. The visit will proceed from the human body to the globe, leading the public through the whole range of spatial phenomena related to the production, transportation, distribution, storage, consumption and disposal of food.

The show will focus on:
- the impact of food movement at all scales, from the specific space of the house to the global flows generated by provision and treatment of raw materials. The exhibition will move from the immediate scale of the body (of the visitor), as in the case of the Ceremony of Tea, expanding, step by step, to the house, the city, region, world.

- how the movement of food (and its processing from raw material to product) has an impact on architecture, urbanism, landscape, geopolitics: for four millenniums, in fact, it has been shaping specific buildings, public spaces, infrastructure, transportation systems.

- how the complexity and presence of those phenomena has been influencing the work of architects and artists, who have often dedicated their commitment to make the ‘user’ ever more conscious of the implications of food consumption.

- how this consciousness generates new food related theories and trends. These new attitudes will be investigated by specific research, documentation and data mapping accessible to the public through analogical and digital devices.

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